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Talenttalks is a powerful online reference library to help business owners and professionals to effectively manage talent from recruitment through to retirement.

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In 2016, Talenttalks.net was created as a digital content platform for the talent community. The focus was on helping people learn from one another by sharing their stories and experiences to grow the talent community and HR industry in South Africa.

Talenttalks.net founder Sue de Waal saw the gravitation towards digital content as an option to the conference model, a gift of learning and connection popping into people’s inboxes.  Building on the insights and experiences of expert contributors, Talenttalks has become a powerful reference source on talent management matters with a wealth of content, articles, podcasts and TalenttalksTV episodes.

In 2020, Talenttalks was relaunched as a credible and expert resource to help businesses become more effective in managing their talent.

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