Workshop on the fundamentals of connection – the four pillars

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Not sure if your team is tight enough?

Learn the fundamentals of connection to build a stronger team.

Take our workshop now. Connect is a workshop on the fundamentals of connection, a concept that scientists have studied for over a century. There is a reason we all seek connection, and there is a reason we feel better when we achieve it.

Our focus for this workshop is to facilitate the creation of authentic connections within your team.

Learn how to master difficult conversations, build better relationships and improve collaboration.

And Learn about the four pillars of real connection with us.

  • You can’t be a business leader if you don’t know how to connect.

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Gaylin Jee

Max no. of people per workshop


Length of workshop / structure

1 Day in house workshop which can be modularised to accommodate your teams workload

Notes for payment and booking

This workshop will be delivered at a time that best fits your team. Once purchased we will contact you to make the required logistical arrangements.