Talent Brand

Talent Brand

Here at Talent Brand, we view people as a source of energy. Working alongside companies that are invested in their people journey, we connect them to talent in a meaningful and deliberate way, creating inspirational digital hiring and engagement strategies to transform the candidates, employees and employer experience.

In our drive to impact organisational culture and energising talent, we are much more than just an outsourced service provider, rather, we become your partner, driving your goals and matching your purpose. We believe in family values and knowing how the workplace impacts families Talent Brand strives to be a positive influence connecting talent with career opportunities and companies that match their ethos, their values and make it possible for them to live their best life, while contributing to the business’ success.. All the while, we help companies to engage their current workforce in a profound and liberating way, bringing them into the future of work with passion and ease.

Our business started with a passion for people and finding a better way to ensure companies and candidates can find each other. We have mastered this process and drive a full-service project into our clients. Understanding the role and the success factors for that role, we are able to find the right person with the right knowledge and experiences, to not only fill the position, but to also be engaged and energised in the role. Our vacancy to hire projects run like clockwork ensuring the best candidate experience and keeping our clients happy and informed.

Our team is driven, passionate and a little wacky, each bringing a new perspective and contributing in a way that changes the world around them.

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